Workshops (2 Hours)

"Go Go Gadgets"

Michael Jaber

Come and join "Gadget Master Spike" for a 2 hour block of gadget goodness.  Some of the things you've seen before, but there will be some new items to add to this year's presentation.  Disclaimer: Do not bring your wallet to this session because you will max out your credit card.  (Open to all)

Oh the Places We Will Go with Google Cardboard

Jeff Crews

Google Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Google for use with a foldout cardboard mount for a mobile phone. Pair this with the newest “Street View” app and you have a powerful system for viewing some amazing 360-degree panoramic imagery from around the world. Want to make your own VR Tour? No problem, come find out how to take your own amazing 360-degree panoramic images and link them to your Google Account. All of this can be done using free applications from Google. Oh the places you can go…

To Infinity and Beyond with Google Hangouts

Jeff Crews

Google Hangouts is a  powerful video conferencing tool found in the Google suite that isbeing used by more and more people each day. This tool provides many ways for teachers and students to reach out to others across the world, effectively breaking down classroom walls and creating a flat world. Come find out how you can use this tool in your classroom to engage learners near and far.

Come Play on the "Slides"

Eliza Thomas

Google slides can be a great tool to teach, practice, play and apply vocabulary understanding.  Come "slide" along to find out some great ways to use Google Slides to increase students' vocabulary and engagement.
Goodbye Worksheets...Hello Multimedia Text Sets!

Deanna Horsens

Help your students navigate, evaluate, and learn from the many forms of texts available in today’s world. A Text Set is a collection of several fiction and/or non-fiction media with a common theme. “Text” sets may also include music, poetry, news articles, images and/or videos. The theme is not always obvious, requiring readers to stretch their thinking. “The texts themselves are experiences that build on one another to create a web of connections that, in turn, create complex layers of meanings and understandings.” (from Grand Conversations Across Texts) Come see what Multimedia Text Sets are all about.  This interactive session will show you how to: 
  • Find Multimedia Text Sets online.
  • Create your own MTS. 
  • Hyperlink documents, images, music, and videos to your text sets and lessons. 
  • You’ll leave this session with several MTS resources and one you will create on your own!

How to build a better notebook...
Introducing the Digital Interactive Notebook

Deanna Horsens

The interactive notebook is a popular way for teachers and students to organize information. These trendy notebooks meet Common Core Standards in several subjects like, Math, Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts. They are filled with tables, anchor charts, glossaries, timelines, formulas and written responses. Unfortunately the information is stuck between the pages of a composition notebook. Bring interactive notebooks online and above the “SAMR” line, by using google sites and a variety of other free tools/resources. If you use interactive notebooks or have ever thought about using interactive notebooks, then this session is for you!  This interactive session will show you how to:
  • Create (or use a template for) an interactive notebook. 
  • Embed forms and sheets to keep track of data/glossaries/vocabulary. 
  • Embed drawings, docs, timelines and blogs for responding to literature and writing reflections. 
  • You’ll leave this session ready to retire your (paper) interactive composition notebooks and move into the cloud.  
  • Take home your new notebook today!

Sessions (1 Hour)

Hidden Treasures of Google

Michael Jaber

Join your Google Tour Guide, Michael Jaber (aka "Jabes") on a Googley Journey into areas less traveled by Google users. Some of the "Site-Seeing" will include places like:
The Google Cultural Institute, Think with Google, A Google a Day, Google Sky...
And the list goes on!  This will be an interactive session, so come prepared to explore the new Googlicious Territories.


 "Get Your LEADership Out"

Michael Jaber

This session isn't for the "faint of heart" leaders. It will address issues that leaders face when trying to move a building/district forward technologically and with GAFE. I will address qualities that leaders should possess and some of the roadblocks that are preventing us from being at our best.  DISCLAIMER--> Don't attend this session if you are easily offended!  ;-)  There are REAL discussions that will be had!

Become a Digital Storyteller with Storyboard That!

Sara Kiffe

Storyboard That is an amazing platform where students can create digital stories, plot maps, comic strips, timelines, and more. Learn how easy it is to engage students in an interactive and visual storyboards.  Concepts like comparing and constrasting, setting, brainstorming, and vocabulary come to life in this easy to use and incredibly fun.  Chromebooks or laptops are needed for this session.
You're So Distracted You Probably Think This Session is About You

Jason Neiffer

Chances are you are reading this presentation description on a digital device: laptop, cellphone or tablet. At the same time that this device is connecting you to a vast world of people and information, it is also districting you with notifications, games, amusements, and low-value content designed to pull you in. If you can't fight it, what chance does an impulsive adolescent have??! It is time to have an honest conversation about digital distraction. This session will approach the problem head on, with a look at the problem and suggestions of saving yourself AND your students from this growing problem!

Better Than You Know Yourself:
A  Honest Conversation About Data 

Jason Neiffer

Target has been hacked! Google tracks your movement! Windows 10 sees everything you do! The mainstream and technology media has made a business suggesting that technology is tracking you and everything you do. However... is it? If so, do you have control? And most importantly... what does this mean to your students on the web? We will tackle these sticky issues head on and look for happy middle ground on issues of privacy and data.

The POWER of Genius HOUR:
The STRENGTH of Personalized Learning

Janelle McLaughlin

What is your passion? Stop by and listen to how you can empower and encourage students to explore their own passions through the utilization of a Genius Hour. Discover how to transform your classroom into a place where students want to come in and learn.  Passion is today's fashion in education!

The Smorgasbord Menu of Google Goodness

Janelle McLaughlin

APPetizers - Get a taste of some incredible Chrome Apps.

Main Course - After indulging on some APPetizers, tease your palate with some Extensions that are sure to fill you up.

Dessert - Finish your Google feast with some sweet Add-ons that are calorie free!

Rocking Out to Booktrack Classroom

Shelley Emslie

During this session, we will learn about the App, Booktrack Classroom, where students can put music behind their writing, or read an eBook with music! You cna even send an eBook to your Google Classroom. This app allows the most reluctant writers and readers to have an alternative way to read, comprehend, and write. Whether they are able to write one sentence or an entire essay, this app adds a new dimension to their learning. Come hear the sounds and put music or sound effects to your writing and imagine the possibilities.

 Let's Get Kahooting!

Shelley Emslie

Come ready to play and learn how to incorporate Kahoot into your classroom. Students enjoy being assessed using this interactive tool and Kahoot is easy to use. Kahoot is user friendly and can be used at any grade level. You can even make a Kahoot for your next staff meeting! Come join the fun and make your own Kahoot.

 The Day The Crayons Quit

Shelley Emslie

Inspire even your most reluctant writers with a fabulous picture book and the amazing Google Docs.  Come join the fun as we see why the Crayons quit and then put a little spin on the story...The Day The School Supplies Quit. You won't want to quit this session, and you will walk away with a fun, interactive, and creative lesson!

 Get Your Game on with Google

Eliza Thomas

Who doesn't love to play games?  Come find out about two free game structures using Google Slides that you can copy and modify for your kids, your content, and your own enjoyment.  Play a little and then think about what your next game day will look like thanks to creative commons, generous colleagues and Google!
  Leveraging GAFE Tools for Administrators

Cari Lucey

Save valuable time, communicate effortlessly with parents and avoid the never ending emails using Collaborative Google Tools such as Docs, Forms, Spreadsheets and Calendars to organize and coordinate your teachers, building and parent organizations. 

   Using Web Based Math Tools in the Secondary Classroom

David Loy & Christiana Routon

See examples of how we use interactive and instructional web apps to enhance instruction.  Graphing on Smartboard Notebook, and with Desmos. Monitor student progress and formative assessment with Kahoots, Quizzlet, and IXL-Math

Why didn't we do this before? 
Curriculum Planning Across the District with Google Classroom

Ben Young & Chris Putzler

See how the security, efficiency, and simplicity of Google Classroom makes it ideal for creating and implementing district-wide common assessments.

The Role of Using GAFE Tools for Collaboration

Eureka Support Staff
Kim Kilroy, Charli Chapman

There is a lot of information out there for using Google Apps in the classroom but what about that behind the scenes person sitting in the front office? Or the district office? Or the counselor? How would they use Google Apps? This session will be using google apps from the perspective of those great people!

Googlefied IT - A Jedi Forum

Jonathan Netzloff, Technology Coordinator

This will be an open discussion headed by the Technology Director of Eureka Public Schools geared for Administrators and IT personnel making technology decisions and implementations at your District. Technology Infrastructure,  Chrome Devices, Digital Signage, Discuss problems and solutions, Share stories. WARNING: Some geeky terminology may be used!

 Transforming the Math Classroom

Heather Dunn

Through the use of web-based tools like Xtramath and Khan Academy, my math class has become differentiated. For the most part, they work at their own pace within a given time-frame, and I am able to have more 1:1 time with each student. I feel more comfortable that my students are getting exposed to everything that the state standards say they should, rather than never making it to the last couple of chapters in a textbook.